• Exercise support dog
  • Doorman
  • 5 years experience
  • Currently studying with Therapy Dogs Australia

Wally, the esteemed therapy dog at EP Clinic Noosa, embarked on his journey five years ago as an adorable 8-week-old puppy. Over time, Wally has evolved into a dedicated full-time team member, contributing his invaluable skills and endearing personality to our clinic. Fondly known as “the boss” among our regular clients, Wally’s strong bond with people has been unwavering since his very first day.

A true professional, Wally greets each visitor with a single bark, announcing their arrival and setting a welcoming tone. His presence is a source of energy and comfort; he can uplift spirits or offer a soothing companionship, tailoring his approach to individual needs. Whether you’re seeking an active session or a quiet moment, Wally intuitively adapts to provide the support you require.

Wally’s expertise extends to working with a diverse range of health conditions, showcasing his innate ability to guide clients in achieving effective and fulfilling exercise routines. Many of our clients find joy and motivation in having Wally participate in their sessions, a testament to his exceptional connection with people.

In his leisure time, Wally is all about fun and adventure. He delights in lively romps at the park, engaging in self-directed exercise through spirited runs, exploring the world of scents hidden in bushes, and forging heartwarming connections with fellow canine companions, especially those of smaller stature.