When and how to refer to EP Clinic Noosa

The following document tables the major chronic conditions for which there is strong evidence that exercise will improve clinical, functional and/or psychosocial status for specific clients. When to refer? 

Initiatives that support general practitioners in referring to AEPs

Medicare Australia

Under the Chronic Disease Management Program, Medicare rebates are available for patients with chronic and complex care needs on referral from their GP. Additional rebates for patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes under the Type 2 Diabetes Group Services Initiative and for patients identifying as Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander are also accessible.

The following initiatives are available for AEP services;

  1. Individual Allied Health Services under Medicare for up to 5 Exercise Physiology sessions (Item 10953) per year, under a GP Management Plan and a Team Care Arrangement (Item 721 and 723). Click here for referral form.

  2. Group Allied Health Services under Medicare for patients with Type 2 Diabetics for one assessment for group services (Item 81110) and up to 8 group sessions (Item 81115) with an Exercise Physiologist per year. 
    Click here for referral form.


Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Entitled Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients may be referred to an AEP for clinically necessary Exercise Physiology treatment by their General Practitioner on a valid D904 referral form.


Rehabilitation Services

AEPs provide functional exercise for the purpose of returning an injured worker to suitable work activities; through tailored exercise prescription suitable to the worker’s injury or work demands, and/or specific work activities such as increasing movement capacity. AEPS can also provide assistance under the NDIS ​- Improved Daily Living Skills Category in addition to the Improved Health and Wellbeing Category.

Please send Referral forms via

Fax:  07 5319 3238 

Medical Objects 



Consultation Fees and Billing Info

Consultation Fees

The consultation cost for AEP services at
EP Clinic Noosa may vary. A gap fee applies to
all Medicare and Private Health Fund AEP services at EP Clinic Noosa.

The Australian Government has made available a number of subsidies for eligible participants:

  • Medicare Australia

  • The Department of Veterans’ Affairs 

  • WorkCover 

  • Private Health Fund Rebates. 

  • NDIS - Improved Daily Living Skills Category in addition to the Improved Health and Wellbeing Category


You are welcome to confirm the costs of your consultation, when making an appointment.

Initial 45 minute Consultation:

$95.00 (Medicare Rebate $52.95)


Follow up 30 minute Consultation:

$75.00 (Medicare Rebate $52.95)


Living with Diabetes Workroom: 
$150.00 (Medicare Rebate $67.90)

All 8 group exercise sessions are bulk billed.

My Health for Life:

FREE Lifestyle Program
(Includes: Initial Assessment and 6 Group Sessions)

SFMA Package:

$175 (Includes Functional Assessment, Corrective Exercise Prescription and 2 x 20 minute follow up sessions)